Sunday, June 5


It seems our youngest child hasn't had equal time in front of the camera. That isn't quite true - we just haven't posted photos in a long, long time. So here, for familial and friend-like amusement (Hi Aunt B and Aunt Bonnie!), the One, the Only, SMIDGE!

We have to back up a bit at first... to, well, to the middle of April, when we decided we'd rather get weepy over his transition to a Big Boy Bed than actually have to pack both the crib and the bed...

He helped put it together...

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And boy was he surprised to see how it turned out!

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And he couldn't wait for the linens... or a pillow...

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Shortly after we arrived here, we hit the Rocket City BBQ and WhistleStop Festival. They had corn. Smidge was happy (he ate three of these):

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Then he braved the inflatable, scary, fast-paced bigger kid rides. Repeatedly. Even bigger kids shoving their way past him did not deter him in the least -

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He just got right back up and kept going, going, going...

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Evidently the view from up there was phenomenal. And the ride down, spectacular!

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He was part of the Fishing Troop on Mother's Day (seen here, riding in style down to the lake) -

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And this had me howling. The three boys sat on the wall, talking, watching, fishing. I tried to get a good picture of the three of them, but James and John were engaged in something and didn't hear me. I jokingly said, "OK, now pretend I said something funny," and Smidge busted out laughing, pointing at absolutely nothing, and slapping his leg with enthusiasm.

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He's been promoted to a supervisory capacity for holidays now. Here he is, overseeing Zorak's Birthday Bash.

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And there you have it - you're now mostly updated on Smidge's goings on and big events. He's really grown so much. He's such fun, and so filled with enjoyment for everything he can find to explore. What fun!

Kiss those babies!


Kim said...

What a sweetie! I'm getting all nostalgic here, remembering the days of Oshkosh overalls.

When you talk about your boys, it makes me think of when my guys were wee ones.

PuppDaddy said...

YAY for pix of Mr. Dy and her Little Dy-lings! I like having faces for the names I'm always reading about. It's like the day your favorite book becomes a movie!

:::pumping fist like Arsenio hall::: Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

:::feeling uncomfortable because I've never used it in context before and don't even know if I'm pronouncing it properly and concluding I must be reading Poppins too much because thats the only place I've ever seen it::: Huzzah! Huzzah!

L said...

Those are precious, thanks for sharing!

Amy said...


I love the pictures. He is adorable. I love the picture of him laughing just for you.

Since my three are all about one year younger than your repective sons I can have glimpses of the future through you.

Amy in Apex

Donna Boucher said...

Absolutely adoreable!!!

I love seeing the pictures of your family!

Thank you!

Jess said...

Oh Dy, he's so sweet and he's grown SO much!!! Remember when you told me Craig looked like the missing link between Ryan and Alyssa? It must be a 3rd child thing because WOW little Smidge looks like your boys missing link. ;-) I see James immediately in him but a second look shows me John too. He's too sweet and what a character! And I'm glad I'm not the only one bringing my babies barefoot in public. ;-)
I can't wait to get the little ones together, they are both so fun, together they'll conquer the world.

Jess said...

Belle came over as I was showing Geo the pictures and she loved the picture of him laughing. She said "funny". I told her his (real) name and she has been staring at the picture, absolutely enthralled saying "jah-coat" (hey, it's the best she can do). She won't let me change the screen...LOL


Amy said...

OH MY! That is a yummy boy! I do hope we'll get to meet him this month.

Oh, I could have another one. Gotta get Bud on that bandwagon, though.

Amy (good soil)

Heather said...

Hey I thought we were getting photos of Smidge not John!! He is darling (but you knew that right?)


Julie D. said...

That is one adorable kid! :-)

Gem said...

How old is that sweet Smidge? He looks about my Baby Boy's age, 20 months or so.

Thom said...

Man, he's cute.
Really nice pics---the corn one and the hat one are just SO adorable!