Saturday, November 26

Thanks, Given and Received.

 This Thanksgiving, we were thankful for much. For our kitchen, and all the things we are able to make in it (James helped with the pies)...
 For the children, who learn, grow, and love a little more each year (John made the bread)...
For friends to share the bounty of our table (the Pinot was good, but the name was just too precious to pass up!)...
And for the ability to enjoy traditions past and present, together, with joy and love. (Also, so VERY thankful Jacob and Zorak fixed the other long table in time for us to use it that day! It was so nice to have all 15 of us seated at one table for the meal!)

I hope your Thanksgiving was filling with blessings given, and received.

Kiss those babies!

Monday, November 7

Autumnal Doings

Wow! What a week this has been! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous - nights near freezing, days in the 60's. It's been dry enough to finish gathering wood for the winter, although so far we haven't needed to fire up the stove. (As much as brick is not my favorite building material, I grudgingly admit that it does have several fantastic characteristics. Heat retention is my second favorite.)
The kids and I have taken advantage of the cooler mornings to break out projects and activities we've neglected in the milder Autumnal weather. Paints, Beads, Boggle, and Monopoly were this week's fun. Gah! Look at that easel. It's taken more than one beating over the years - five kids, three moves, and whole lot of use. It's not terribly attractive anymore, but man, have we gotten (more than) our money's worth out of it! I love that thing!
I've done some cleaning, as well, in preparation of making the more elaborate meals that cooler weather facilitates. (Yeah, I'm gonna bake! Cookies, cakes, and probably pastas! Bring on the winter weight!) Zorak said he's ready to make the hanging pot rack for the kitchen, so I cleared that spot - got it dusted, blessed, prepped - whatever it takes. I'm ready for the pot rack! (Yes, our nuts are hanging in the basket. I'm not thrilled with that plan, but we're out of shelf space, and I was desperate to clear off that wooden shelf below, to make it look more intentional and less like a landing spot for leftover junk and random snacks.)

Zorak and the Volvo took on a charging deer the other morning. He always keeps an eye out for deer, just as a matter of habit, but this one came barreling out of the woods where they're the closest to the road, and there was no way to avoid him. This was a solid hit at 50mph! Thankfully, Zorak is fine. He was able to drive the car home, and I am now a die-hard Volvo fangirl. Also, we're in the market for another commuter car. :-)
And that's been about it. Busy. Good. Much to be thankful for, and in many different forms. (Jacob's reading Pinocchio right now. He's loving it, and hopes someone will make a movie that actually matches the book.)