Saturday, November 6

On The Mend

How does time speed up as you get older, without affecting your ability to interact with people for whom time is still just crawling along? How do we not just implode upon impact, like grains in a mill?

Our pretty days feel like they flew by us. Granted, if you factor Minnesota into the weather scale, we're still in swimmin' weather, here; if you factor in Florida's weather, somebody's on the verge of calling child protective services because the kids are outside today in hoodies. It's all relative. Still, we made the most of the lovely days, chasing squirrels, watching birds, stacking wood. We got the land cleared a bit, and spent a lot of time spent on the tire swing in the meadow, and walking curbs in town. It wasn't wasted. Still, I'm a little shocked to find it's time for a fire (yeah, I know, it's November - I'm just as shocked to find it's November, believe me!)

On the health front, The Nothing seems to be passing us over. James and John are fine, now. They're off at a Scout campout, as a matter of fact. (Shyeah, it'll be below freezing tonight. What can I say - they are young, resilient, and don't have a lot of foresight.) Jake, Em, and Jase? Only mildly gritchy and just a little slower than usual. Even Zorak, who was out of commission for the bulk of this week, is up and functional and doing things. Me? I look like I've hired out as a testing module for new strains of biological warfare. I don't know what it is, but I give it two thumbs up. This stuff could take out the Ostragoths* in three months, flat. But since everyone who is well either got sick before I did, or got to sleep it off and thus healed more quickly, I have reason to hope the swelling and sore throat will go away, eventually.

In the meantime, I'm off to bleach all the things. Again.

Kiss those babies!

*or whoever those crazy kids are fighting, these days